Crisis in US Family courts: Where Judges Rule Against Victims of Domestic Violence and Their Children and Give Custody to Abusers and Pedophiles

There is a crisis in our nation’s family courts, where judges rule against victims of domestic violence and their children and give custody to abusers and pedophiles. Learn more at

Is this a constitutional system?

This woman’s testimony is mirrored by women all of the state of California. Pedophile abusers with money and influence can literally “pay for children”.

Debra Grant’s congressional testimony of pedophile ring in Santa Clara County, California Child Protective Services and Family Court. These pedophiles and corrupt social workers are protected by the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department.

There is no excuse. Are these judges really “fooled” or is this systematic abuse and coercion?  Abused parents and children are further punished for reporting abuse to authorities in the United States.  Families deserve peace. And the system is not handling abuse victims adequately.

There are far too many cases to report. Here are a handful of links and references.


You will notice the man holding his belly as he interviews these children. To hear the accounts of children told so calmly  and matter-of-factly makes you sick to your stomach. It hurts your head, heart, and belly.