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December 2016 Hearing

Witness List filed by Bobby Harris III

Angelina’s Declarations

Declaration 12/2016

Responsive Declaration to Eversole

Declaration Regarding Threats

The Investigation by Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

Deputy Cox Incident Report

Deputy Jackson Incident Report

Investigator Boyd Report

Angelina (Harris) Villa submitted a written complaint to Riverside County Sheriff’s office on 1/29/2016.

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The Non-Action of San Bernardino Child and Family Services

San Bernardino county’s Child and Family Services department took nearly three weeks to interview the children after Angelina Harris (Villa) reported child abuse. Then, CFS took no action on the abuse reported.

There is mention of Cole Taylor in the above reports. He was the agent assigned from San Bernardino County Child and Family Services (CFS) to the Harris children. He refused to write notes, submit a report to the court, or appear on behalf of the children.

Maria Vargas was assigned to the Harris children when they reported being threatened during visitation in April of 2016. She was not available for contact after the initial intake interview, and sent a report to Rancho Cucamonga Police department December of 2016. The officer who called Ms. Villa noted that Maria Vargas had returned from maternity leave.

Neither of the agents referred the children to be examined at the Children’s Assessment Center in San Bernardino, a common practice for sexual abuse allegations. Ms. Harris (Villa) requested this at the recommendation of their son’s therapist, through Kaiser. However, those requests were ignored and the children were not examined nor represented by San Bernardino CFS.

At the time, the agency was under a grand jury investigation . The San Bernardino County Grand Jury suggested 14 changes in the Department of Children and Family Services after a yearlong investigation revealed disturbing practices resulting in the death of children in some cases.

Read the report that was released July 1st, 2016.

The grand jury’s findings came a week after state Attorney General Kamala Harris announced her office had begun its own investigation into the department based on similar allegations.

The report found CFS rife with systemic failures, including a lack of cooperation between social workers and police. The county agreed with the grand jury’s finding that social workers need instruction on writing reports, stating it has been the county’s ongoing practice to ensure this. But the county did not ensure this for the Harris children. No written report was ever submitted to the court or to law enforcement.

Angelina Harris (Villa) submitted formal complaints against Cole Taylor. Once during the investigation in his supervisor’s office, and after the investigation had completed by phone.

Recent Criminal Convictions of Bobby Harris

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San Bernadino Investigation

None of the parties of this case currently reside in San Bernardino County. However, Investigator Sherry Eversole is on it.

Declaration of Investigator Sherry Eversole

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