Stolen Camera

This is video of the surveillance camera being stolen from Angelina’s home. The enabled them to take over the other cameras, some inside her home. They were renamed “quiet cat”.  The footage of the two cops who had come by earlier was wiped from the site.

The camera was zipped tied to a bush hidden behind the pillar, so the camera was only visible once you were at the front door.  Earlier that day, Angelina had been visited by 2 Rancho Police officers who wanted to know the status of the case.  I (her mother) thought this was suspicious and told her not to let them inside but to talk to them outside and keep me on the phone during the conversation.  We saw on the camera how they had cased the place before, looking into the backyard and all around the perimeter of her home.  We had footage of all of this, and then that very night her front camera which had good footage of the two officers, was stolen, and all of the web footage was wiped clean.